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Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service

Recruitment Consultation

As the recruitment outsourcing service is becoming more and more mature in the Chinese Human Resource Market, many companies have reaped the benefits from outsourcing their recruitment process. They have see an improvement in the quality of their hired employees, increased efficiency and stability o the administrative process, and streamlined their management report structure. "JW Grace Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions" will bring you significant cost savings and structural improvements in the quality of your recruitment.

JW Grace Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions offers a highly personalized service to our clients, which includes:

  • China Labor Law consultation
  • HR Recruiting Consultation
  • Recruiting plan design
  • Candidate interview and selection
  • Reference check
  • Problem solving during the course of employment contract signing
  • Post-employment consultation

Why JW Grace

Understands the business areas

Our consultants are not only experts in the local Human Resource market and job profiles, but also have great understanding in the business areas they serve.

Finding the right person for the right job

We follow our recruiting guidelines and processes very strictly for every single recruiting assignment to ensure a highly qualified outcome. JW Grace is dedicated to finding the right person for the right job.

Long term and strategic relationships with key clients

We keep a close relationship with our clients. We want to better understand the client, and grow together.
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