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August 2013

Shanghai China

"JW Grace participates in the FC Club event on Social Media in the Recruiting Industry"

On Thursday August 01 2013, JW Grace participated in the FC Club Event on "How to use Social Media for recruiting and how to use Social Media in your job search ".

The event took place at the Central Plaza on Huangpi Road close to Peoples Square, and there was a good attendance of Chinese and International professionals.

Our General Manager, Egbert Kampherbeek, presented on this topic and informed the audience about the use of social media for Executive-Recruitment in the China-Market. Egbert explained how professional Executive-Search companies are using Social media as a key recruitment tool, and following translated this into tips and advice for job-seekers on how to effectively make use of social media in their search for the perfect job.

Egbert on Social Media and Executive Search: “Being an International Executive Search Company it is very important for us to make good use of social media in a number of key-aspects of our daily work. Over the past years social media has become an essential part of our research methodologies and project management strategy. Social media helps us to improve our market-mapping, better screen and select candidates and more effectively communicate with our customers; this has translated itself into an increased success-rate and improved customer satisfaction.”

“Not only do we use social media to assist us in our recruitment activities, but social media is also an important part of our Sales & Marketing strategy. We strongly believe that the key to effective use of social media is to develop a clear strategy on which media to use and how to use them. If a job seeker understands the basic usage of social media by a recruitment firm like us, he\she can then translate this into developing their own strategy on how to use social media in their job-search: success guaranteed!!! “

2011 Munich, Germany

Inter Solar Europe

JW Grace attended the Inter Solar Europe in Munich, Germany in 2011

The world’s largest exhibition of the solar industry, Inter Solar Europe, has drawn a close on June 10. Around 77,000 visitors and 2,280 exhibitors attended the exhibition from June 8 to June 10. All the visitors and exhibitors were highly pleased with the thematic and technological array presented by this exhibition.

This year, Inter Solar Europe, centered heavily on the energy revolution, has showed technological solutions for a solar-powered oriented future.

Moreover, Inter Solar Europe celebrated significant growth in all the exhibitions with companies from across 47 countries taking participate in. What’s more especially, exhibitors’ international background also reflected solar industry’s global influence.

JW Grace has actively taken this excellent opportunity through presenting her professional recruitment and HR consulting solutions to the all the exhibitors and visitors during the exhibition, particularly in solar industry.

Meanwhile, JW Grace has expanded a much wider network in different countries based on her previous close relationships with the top enterprises in solar industry.

In terms of the future cooperation, JW Grace has also shared her own sharp views and preemptive strategies with her clients to help them build up and maintain a more effective team.