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About JW Grace - Overview

Headquartered in Shanghai, JW Grace has a 10-year track record as an innovative, dynamic HR Services Provider. We offer enterprises and individuals professional and responsible HR solutions throughout China.

Through our partnership with Prosper Partners, we are at the forefront of recruitment for new-gen trends:

  • Digitilization
  • New Energy
  • New Mobility

    We focus on recruiting top-level management and technical talent in specialized industries including:

  • Technology: IT-outsourcing, SAP, Gaming, Networking
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial (Automotive, Aviation, Energy)
  • Consumer Goods (Retail, Luxury, Travel)
  • Our consultants are trained experts in human resources issues for China, and also subject experts in the business areas they serve.

    We follow a highly structured process to ensure quality outcomes for all of our searches.


    It is our goal to help your business efficiently withstand the ever-changing business environment.

    JW Grace Services

    Executive Search

    We focus on the recruitment of middle to senior management/ technology executives especially on the following industries:
    • IT, especially SAP, ERP related
    • Financial Services
    • Automobile
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    Recruiting Consultation

    JW Grace Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions offer a highly personalized service to our clients, which include:
    • China Labor Law consultation
    • HR Recruiting Consultation
    • Recruiting plan design
    • Candidate interview and selection
    • Reference check
    • Problem solving during the course of employment contract signing
    • Post-employment consultation
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    Payroll Consultation

    We provide payroll consultation services for our clients on the following fields:
    • Payroll legislative consultation
    • Payroll calculation
    • Check on work attendance and performance
    • Social insurance, housing fund, comprehensive insurance, individual income tax calculation
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    Training Service

    JW Grace has an extensive network of qualified training companies, and management courses that can be accessed through our training network.
    • Tailor-made training solutions
    • Short term & routine staff training courses
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